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Raising the Schaghticoke’s hopes and Kent’s concerns

Early this summer, the Bureau of Indian Affairs issued what it called a “preliminary discussion draft” which outlines changes to the existing tribal recognition criteria. The proposed new criteria, which would substantially lower the evidentiary bar, could have significant consequences for Kent and Connecticut.

Revaluation Time Again
So what can we expect?

Kent, along with the neighboring towns of Sharon and Sherman, will be conducting its required revaluation of property this summer. Historically, real property values increase significantly in the five years between revaluations. This year’s revaluation, however, comes at a time when property values have declined, on average, by around 30 percent which is likely to result in reduced assessments. So what can we expect?

Application Angst
How many permits does it take to build a tree house?

Years ago when our kids were young, their grandfather sent them an article from Yankee Magazine entitled “How to Build a Tree House for Under $100.” He was surely thinking of the one he and his brothers had built in a large dramatically forked maple back in Bloomington, Illinois. The idea of an arboreal hideout landed on fertile ground at our house. Soon the three young builders in the family were scouting promising trees and drawing plans.

Winston Churchill and the Market
Now is not the end.

After the first British land victory of World War II at El-Alamein in Egypt, Winston Churchill famously said: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” Not to conflate the cost in lives and national treasure of the war with the economic collapse that began with the fall of Lehman Brothers in September of 2008, but the lingering recession, the greatest since the Great Depression, has been devastating.

Online Valuation
Don’t rest your head on Zillow

We have written a lot in the past year about the importance of having a carefully derived estimate of value of your real property before listing it for sale. Pricing your house on the basis of the list prices of similar homes may seem rational, but if all of them are priced at levels that prevailed a year or more ago, you may simply be adding to the growing number of unsold homes that have grown stale.

Trends in Today's Market
And what they mean when estimating market value

It is generally recognized that the most reliable way to determine the value of one’s real estate holdings is to commission a formal appraisal. We, as brokers, are often asked to prepare valuation reports or CMA’s (comparative market analyses). The value estimated in either an appraisal or a CMA should be understood to be the value as of the date of the report. But what if the market is moving rapidly in one direction or the other?

If you want or need to sell in today's market

There is no number more slippery, or more important, than the actual current market value of your home. Whether you would simply like to sell and move on, or whether your financial circumstances are requiring you to sell, it’s critical that you have an accurate understanding of the current value of your property and list it accordingly.

New Lead Law Complicates Home Renovation
Contractors put on the spot...Renovation costs likely to rise...

New federal regulations concerning safe lead based paint practices went into effect, coincidentally or not, on Earth Day last week (April 22nd), complicating the lives of contractors and owners of homes built before 1978. New rules will require virtually all residential contractors be certified in and follow safe, and likely more costly, renovation practices...

Property Condition Disclosure Report
The Law of Unintended Consequences

It's been over ten years since the Connecticut legislature adopted a law (Sec. 20-327b-1) requiring sellers of residential property to provide what is known as a Property Condition Disclosure Report. Most of us in the business have assumed that sellers have very little liability in providing honest disclosure reports. That assumption has been called into question by a recent Superior Court case.

A Job Well Done
Natural and Cultural Riches of Kent, CT

The Kent Conservation Commission published the first edition of its Natural and Cultural Resources Inventory (NCRI) this week. We picked up a copy the other day and found ourselves mesmerized by the stories, old photographs and facts it contains about our town. The culmination of over five years of data collection, research, writing and editing, the book is a trove of interesting information.

St John's Peak at Kent
Past and Present

In the mid-1980’s, the 500-plus acre tract that eventually became the St. John’s Peak at Kent subdivision was a wild, seldom-visited place beyond the ends of two abandoned town roads. It was owned by two men from Bridgeport, Norman Parsells and Newman Marsilius, who bought it in 1958 for $21,000 to use as a hunting and camping retreat.

Connecticut's PA 490 Explained

PA 490 was pushed by the Connecticut legislature and passed in 1963. The intent was to provide property tax relief for the owners of farms, forests, and open space. It was meant to prevent the owners from being forced to sell because of taxes.

Does your land qualify and what are the savings?